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Why Choose Me?

  • 20 Years Veterinary Technician Experience 
  • 12 Years In-Home Pet Sitting Experience
  • Pet Sitting For All Types of Animals
  • In Home Service
  • Mail Pickup at no additional charge
  • Availability on Holidays and Weekends
  • Multiple visits per day
  • Competitive Prices
  • Flexibility
  • Lots of Love & Attention
Lanette treats my pets like her own! 

Lanette has been my pet sitter for several years. She has a kind and gentle heart for animals and comes loaded with experience working as a vet tech. Lanette is 100% reliable, no one has ever been neglected on her watch. She is honest and can be trusted in my home when I am away. She has never minded doing extras such as setting out the trash or binging in the mail. She treats my pets as if they were her own.
I learned of Lanette through a friend and have recommended her to other friends and they have been as happy as I am with her. Lanette has shed tears with me during the sad parts of being a pet owner and has laughed with me during the happy times. In several instances she has gone above and beyond her responsibilities. I would be delighted to provide specifics to anyone who asks, if desired. It is my pleasure to recommend Lanette without hesitation.‚Äč

Nancy Howland. Marietta

About Lanette


When I began pet-sitting professionally over 15 years ago, my mission and goal has always stayed the same: take care of my customers pets like they're my own. And that means coming to you and your home for more than just a 30-minute visit or to feed them. I routinely walk, play and train your animal to make sure that they're not just getting love, but they're also getting some just deserved exercise. 

I Highly recommend her services

Lanette Daniel has been my pet nanny for a long time now. She was referred to me by a good friend of mine who has used her services for years.
She is professional and caring to my 8 yr old beagle and often does above and beyond just walking her! If there is a medical issue or if Tessy is just not her usual self, Lanette will let me know and often advises me as to what I can do until I can see the Vet (she is an experienced veterinary technician!).
I am a healthcare provider and recognize and appreciate Lanette's skill and integrity. I highly recommend her services. My dog loves her and so do I

Kathryn Baxley, R.N